Under our Heart of GOD in a humble way we have been supporting needy schools with free workshops and technical support, plus needy students with scholastic materials and fees over 50 schools and 200 learners have benefited from it, but this time we would like to use the same platform to seek for support that can help teachers to start up small ventures that can sustain them until schools reopen as they also gain extra skills while acquiring more knowledge.

Initially we wanted to focus on fundraising food stuff for teachers but after consulting some of the teachers they requested us to see ways on how they can be supported to get small funds that can enable them start up simple ventures to sustain themselves as they repay that fund at zero interest rate so that it can support others.

Teachers said that during this lockdown they have acquired a lot of knowledge but have not yet implemented it due to lack of funds but if supported they would like to put their skills, knowledge and plans into practice thus avoiding being redundant at home. They also said that food is good but money is better if one invests it well.

Under Support A Teacher Campaign our main project will be Teachers Small Venture fund, we shall start by supporting some teachers in Kampala in the 5 divisions in Phase 1, then expand to other towns as we grow.

Let Love Lead

Our Target

All your contributions and donations will be shared on our facebook page, each donor will receive a receipt, a certificate of appreciation to those that donate to a stated limit and weekly we shall have a zoom meeting to update teachers and donors about the progress. The media will cover the hand over ceremonies and all the names of individuals and companies that would have supported this campaign will be published in the newspapers.

The division supervisors and private schools chairpersons will recommend the groups and also do the handing over of fund letters to the successful groups. All teacher groups will get their funds through Equity Bank Uganda.


Though we have all been hit hard but there will never be a time like this for the society to show solidarity in supporting teachers, if we don’t, the effects will be observed when schools reopen since they will have no passion.

Donation platforms: Bank Account: Equity Bank Uganda, 1001201100031 (Name: Teachers In Need (TIN) Mobile Money: MTN (+256775416546 / +256707952725) Name: Tr. Nalugonda Irene, TIN Treasurer)

We shall be grateful if we collaborate to transform the lives of teachers and education at large in Uganda