Assist in the construction of a new school that maintains and reinforces the “different” initiatives that enhance the performance


  • Support program – ideas
    • Step 1 could be to provide funds to allow Peter to pay off the outstanding payments (USD 2.300). This would allow Peter to dedicate his time to more productive issues, it would decrease the risk that the teachers look for jobs in schools with higher salaries and it would secure the supply of electricity.
    • Step 2 could be to provide additional second hand PC´s as well as notebooks, pencils and pens. The equipment and materials supplied by Greenlight so far has been extremely useful and appreciated, however out of the six PC´s provided only one works well as of today.
    • Step 3 could be to make a plan to secure new premises and installations by January 2020. Two alternatives were discussed with Peter:
    • Alt 1: Acquire land + construct new buildings in the current community area. Two plots are apparently available, one approx 40×50 meters and another approx 50×100 meters. Two story buildings could be erected. Total capacity could be approx 300 pupils. Total required investment estimated by Peter: USD 25-35.000. Advantages: Closeness to supported community, step-by-step approach implying lower risks, more manageable with current personal resources. Disadvantage: Difficult to attract pupils from higher income families, making it more difficult to finance the activities and to fulfill the vision to mix children from poor conditions with children from higher income families.
    • Alt 2: Acquire larger plot of land just outside Kampala + construct new buildings. Could include some boarding facilities both for pupils and teachers. Total capacity could be some 1.000 pupils. Pupils from the current community would be transported to the school on a daily basis. Total required investment estimated by Peter: USD 50-100.000. This alternative would require a substantial increase in resources to manage both the construction project as well as the startup of operations of a much bigger school.
    • Step 4 could be to build a web page in order to promote both of the school as well of the Teachers In Need and Teachers Connect initiatives.
    • Step 5 could be to build an application for the Teachers Connect initiative through which both teachers and schools could apply to the program.
    • Step 4 could be to acquire a van in order to facilitate transports, especially related to the training sessions within the Teachers In Need initiative.



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