Ordinary Schools Vs Extraordinary Schools.

Teacher Talk
Is Your School an Ordinary School or an Extraordinary School?
Watch this Teacher Talk to understand the difference. Click this link to watch πŸ‘‰ Ordinary Schools Vs Extraordinary Schools.

Today most schools and parents focus on just academic results but not on the foundation of the children we teach and that has greatly devastated our children’s future. Today we have very many educated people with no tangible solutions in their hands apart from cream grades and the end result is blaming the government. May our generation acknowledge this that nations are not transformed by governments alone, we all have a role to play.

Are schools, parents, media, stake holders and policy makers playing their roles well?

Apart from cream results have we invested in producing a solution based generation or its all about study hard and get a job?

The video link above is for only educators, parents and stakes holders that would like to focus on total transformation of our children not just excitement.

Watch, like, share your comment & share this link if you believe it can help our nation.

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Tr. Peter Okware

Director Teachers In Need-TIN

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