Unknown Learning Disabilities

Unkown Learning DisabilitiesThis is a must watch documentary for all educators, teachers, parents, school leaders & stake holders about the unknown learning disabilities that affect academic performance in schools. Click to watch. 👉🏿https://youtu.be/iVGpYPG5AKs Did you know that in most cases children whom we categories as slow learners or very weak learners have learning disabilities that …

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New Vision Uganda Writes TIN awards

How Okware motivates outstanding teachers Okware is an entrepreneur, teacher trainer and director of Teachers in Need (TIN) organization and Teacher’s TV Africa, an online TV with over 3,000 subscribers. Okware inspires teachers, mostly those in private schools to dream big Ritah Mukasa Journalist @New Vision Peter Okware featured among Vision Group’s TOP 40 UNDER 40 …

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