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Raising Transformed, Informed, Inspired and Motivated Teachers

Teachers In Need - TIN

Teachers In Need-TIN is a humble teachers registered not for profit making organization, whose major objective is to improve the quality of education in Africa through raising TIIM (Transformed, Informed, Inspired and Motivated) teachers who are competent and complete.


We have arranged a number of programs to be carried out in year 2020 thus calling upon various stake holders, organizations to join hands with us to enable us conduct a number of trainings that will benefit teachers to become competent and complete.

Previously teachers have been paying to participate in our trainings but that greatly affects the turn ups basing on that we are looking at other avenues that can support us financially thus benefiting many teachers.


Our membership is open to all teachers who can full fill all the requirements. And to non-teachers after availing valid reasons

Our Awards To Participating Members

Teacher Excellence Awards

Through TEA we appreciate and motivate outstanding teachers, schools, learners and service providers as a strategy of motivating and appreciating them thus working together to achieve a common goal. Most teachers do a lot of great work but their work goes unnoticed with TEA we shall be appreciating teachers who groom realistic learners mainly in the private section since teachers in private section lack that platform.

Focused Teachers Save

The main objective of FOTESA is to enable teachers embrace the saving culture which is lacking in most of our African nations, we shall achieve this through our collaborations with financial institutions. Saving is one of the prosperity disciplines that most teachers lack and that is why our nations save less and borrow a lot since people were not taught how to save but through Focused Teachers Save an online saving platform, we encourage teachers to start saving as way of planning foe their future.


Green Teachers

Currently our environment is being destroyed and the right people to save the situation are we the teachers, currently in all our workshops we start with tree planting as a way of showing teachers what to do practically. We courage schools to tell parents and students to plant at list two or four trees per holiday.

Education Consultancy

After amassing a lot experience since we deal with very many schools and teachers, we provide consultancy services voluntary to save struggling schools or when it is paid for.



Tr. Peter Okware – Director – Teachers In Need-TIN


Tr. Peter Okware – Director – Teachers In Need-TIN





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