Teachers In Need-TIN is a teachers’ registered not for profit making organization. Our main objective is to improve the quality of education in Africa through grooming competent and complete teachers and connect them to various opportunities that create a positive impact in their profession and in the lives of the learners we teach. Over 7000 teachers have been trained around the nation since 2017.



After observing that most schools in Uganda don’t get quality teachers and never provide quality education due to their financial status, most teachers work hard but retire to poverty, most schools look for teachers and teachers also look for schools but lack a connecting hub, most teachers are teaching in a modern era yet they are still in the analog era e.g lack email accounts, bank accounts what the society does best is to only criticise teachers.

Basing on our national examination board UNEB that most children fail national examinations in all levels mainly because they can not read and comprehend, we had to come up with innovative but scalable solutions and that led to the birth of Teachers In Need-TIN.



Tr. Peter Okware

Teachers In Need-TIN was founded by Tr. Peter Okware in an humble way as a way of improving on the quality of education through first improving on the quality of teachers who spend most of their time with children of the nation.